The game has changed

Game on!

We have invested… Well i have anyways in a new game! The tables are set. The old players have left. Are you scared yet! Good! I have levelled the playing field for you little critters. The rules are still the same. Don’t fuck with me! The freebies are over.

You won’t be scraping in major moolah! But it will be decent enough! To keep them all guessing. I will go from one city to the next and talk to the major players. If you settle for putting some third ranking player in front of me you already showed me you lost. Same goes for introducing me to woman. You already lost!

We need to focus on our board. It is a simple one. Seriously simple. It’s called Europe. It’s not to big and definitely not small. Good for some training. Even though you are playing for keeps. This is not a exercise!

In the first round… I will be coming by just to meet you people! That’s all i won’t stay long i’ll have a little chit-chat. I am still unable to get paid. So… I won’t give you any information we will be talking about the weather. Your family. How you view the world. Your philosophy. Your goals.

And when i am given the chance to get my own chamber of commerce number and actually get paid i will come and play with you!


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