What did you say i can’t hear you! Speak up!

He walks slowly to the desk next to it is a aluminium old bat painted blue. He himself is wearing nothing but white black and red and a old school baseball cap also red with white stripes on it if they were markings of enemies killed.

Slowly he walks up to the gagged and bound girl and says: I told you this is going to get epic. Didn’t i.

She utters something in the hope he can make out the words of regret.

Sorry i can’t hear you… You need to speak up. He says. While he cleans off the bat of any dirt residue that is still on there. Some little bits of brain are still stuck to the bat. Whilst he cleans off the bat he glances over to the girl and asks. What did you think would happen.

She try and explain herself about how she has been treated badly and wanted to make sure he wasn’t like the others but nothing else but silly little gurgles come out seeing the ball-gag is strapped in way to tight. It hurts her.

He walks slowly towards her and does a couple of practice swings. She stiffens up and the tears start to flow. She has seen that it is all for naught. She tries to plead.


Her head snaps back… her nose broke. She starts to shake.

Is that snot coming out of your nose. Do you need a hanky!? He said while smiling as if she were nothing but a small entity of no specific origin. This is not about hate or love. This is just a executioners job.

Again he speaks only slower. He said he wanted to do it himself. But if i wear these clothes. You would understand. I am actually a cop. Well during the day that is. I ride my bike with some unmentionables. No not a MC… we have no club. We are not allowed.

She is peeing herself.


Loud shriek noises arise from behind the ball-gag as if they were not human at all. They sounded more like a startled pig.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

She lies there on the floor twitching blood is running out of her skull.

He slowly walks towards the camera. Picks it up… Walks back to the girl and films her from top to bottom while she twitches away on the floor.

With one hand he pushes the head over. You can see the eyelids shaking heavily and the bubbles of blood come out of her nose are vivid. There is no breathing anymore the high pitch whistle of air pressured thought the cavities of the ball-gag and her lips is silent.

She stops moving.

He turns towards the camera. This is all of them. This was the last one. The debt is paid! I know this won’t bring you happiness. But it is done!

The screen goes to black with a white line still ghosting on the screen. The dvd pops out of the tray and gets broken into two. You can’t see his face. But he is bald. There are kids running across the the corridor when he comes out of his study.

A busy wife in the kitchen having a chat with a colleague. He starts to cut the vegetables and smiles. Stops. Gives her a kiss. I forgot some herbs. He walks towards the hat rack and puts on the same kind of cap.

He whistles as he descends the stairs towards the exit. The sun is shining its a place where he didn’t grow up nor did he ever think he would settle! But he did. In a country strange to him with a language he never really fully learned on purpose!


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