These are my nightmares (taming the beast)

So every now and again i have nightmares. Seeing they are inflicted by woman and are sexually orientated i can handle them like a rodeo rider would tame a horse! It takes time and effort and a lot of energy. I don’t wake up rested or happy but pleased that the dumb shit is over. This is called PTSD.

It’s sex orientated. What the fuck do you want… I am a creepy sexual beast that loves a good fuck fest! Trust me i have the thank-you-letters of many previous sexual explorations still here in my little box of memories thanking me for what i have done and how i have liberated some of the sexual taboos they thought they have had.

They are thankful that i am such a open and energetic lover. Something you will not experience… ever!

Eventually the nightmares will go away! The doctor told me so and he said nothing he could do would help me. So the coming  years i will wake up sweaty and aggravated. So i will take it out on you dumb shits. Really you are a bunch of dumb shits!


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