I will fuck you up god!

Hey! God! Don’t you dare touch my people!

We are atheist! We don’t believe in you we believe that all life is holy. Each and every one of them. We don’t believe there is a afterlife. There is no heaven or hell after this nor purgatory. There is only one actual time we are aware of our existence. One time and one time only! There is nothing after that. That’s why we value life more than people who think they can throw a life away to serve their purpose.

We believe that all “good books” are fantastic philosophies that will give you beautiful insights into the meaning of life! They are however nothing more than philosophy that can enrich a person to their fullest extent. We see the comparison of all those books and think that it always should be about love and respect.

We can actually see the workings of what you call a mystical creature. We can see what god is. A true force. As soon as we try and describe it to your so called followers we are encountered with the fear of death and misunderstanding of your teachings. We stopped explaining and started protecting them. They are our people! We love them. That is what god should be… Love!

And with all that love we will turn to our emotions and battle with whatever means we can. Some can do more than others but we will fight you until our lives are no longer. You will never touch them. They are ours! They belong in a world without continues struggle, pain or suffering. We don’t like you one bit. We will arm ourselves to our fullest extent and go to war on your ass.

You should respect the lives of the people and their love with all their struggle! If you do love your people you understand what we do.


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