So if i do know

Balance is everything

Whether you walk on top of a beam or a tight rope. Making your books. Dividing the attention amongst your children balance is always a hard thing to do.

Especially in politics this can become a nuisance seeing we already have big parties fighting for the same bone while the smaller ones are left out… and so do the people!

Even though those smaller parties like to partake they are systematically been left out! Now in the Netherlands they have a fighting chance. This is running like wildfire now across Europe and the rest of the globe.

Some countries i needed to focus on the major two parties seeing they needed some adjustment in their mindset and nothing more. So i did not tip any scales yet improved the standard as is.

All for progress.

Times are changing people and it will be up to you to keep that balance or take the power away from them. So do what you need to!


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