they need a good spanking

Bad kids

I am raised the agoge way and so will my kids. Of course it was not as severe as the spartans did. But it serves a purpose it teaches good self reliance and respect for others and the value of honour.

I am actually kind of proud i was raised that way! Yes! I am! Very fucking proud and very fucking happy! I will not make the mistake however to punish without knowing the truth and nothing but the truth.

My current situation dictates that i leave. Seeing the parents surrounding the kids that have screwed with me cuddle their kids instead of punishing them.

Following this decision a lot more kids will be punished for nothing. To fucking bad. The other option is to stay and this way the little bastards would win and their sisters to.

I don’t care if they wear suits and ties or jeans and t-shirts. They are equally to blame. And their sisters to. Not caring one bit if they wear a piece suit or a cute dress. I really don’t care about the garment they wear that shows their stature.

This beating they will get and your asses will be sore for weeks, months or years.


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