Real good

And your wondering how the hell did that happen

Uhm! You blinked! Thats why!? So no i am not going to lay down the function of being the right hand. I am the ‘right’ hand. Wherever i may go. Whoever i may piss off. This little pup is going places. Meet new mutts and sniff their butts. Cause he like those strange mutts.

Sure there will be some bitches who will try and get his new little toy. However i am quick as lightning and the masters love to see me play! They haven’t seen such a mutt like me in ages. They think you are some deluded inbreeds.

Keep growling at me it will only make it worse! I fucking love the attention. There are even some attack dogs that think i am scary i can reach underneath their bellies where it is nice and soft. So i can bite down hard and make them bleed out slowly.

Some poodles that prance around like they are the shit and get all the attention of all the other mutts in the park. But she always keeps glancing my way because she knows she can’t have me or my new toy. Pretentious little fuckers.

Then there are those like me. They don’t give a flying fuck. They have their own toys and they think it is amazing and don’t get why i like mine so much. It’s to much of a hassle for them! Do you understand that shit. I don’t i love my toy!

There are other toys you can play with but this one is mine.


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