You are standing on a mountaintop while i am cricling above you

You are not even close!

I am sorry to say that the distance between us is from a grand magnitude. I will always be here circling your dumb asses! Whilst you are somewhere on a mountaintop claiming to be king.

I rock this globe with a army of creatives, inventors and all other kind of great individuals. They have put me here in the highest altitude and i will stay here to protect and serve for all eternity! They deserve it and so do i!

So keep it up. Pester me with your small minded bullshit and i will keep slamming the door in your face. I will never walk next to my shoes. But you will never fill them. The youngsters are getting all riled up! The elderly are mad as hell to what you did to me!

Even the security agencies want to work with me and the tough guys think i am scary because i am not crazy! Yet i fully intend to shock the hell out of you and they see me coming at you as if i were teaching a kid how to walk! So bring it!

You are a sad excuse of a human being. All i need now is some money to pay of my debt and then i can rock on!


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