Did you like my little tantrums?

You are insane!

I am not addressing this to everyone who reads this, but you will have a good laugh. This is addressed mostly to the few who have made my life miserable and robbed me from seven years of my life. Broke my back and ridiculed me so that they can benefit from it financially.

You are fucking insane… If you think that you can rob me from my intellectual property! It’s mine! Everyone knows. You even used it for legal purposes against me. So now it is easy to request for any law official. Who can then deduct that you opposed me. Are you insane!?

You took away my lively hood. Made me suffer unnecessarily. Which to this day is still a bother and will last me  a lifetime. And gave some of it back. I say some, because most of it is gone forever. Following all this bullshit you expect me to be grateful! Are you fucking insane!?

You then gave me the opportunity to date your daughters because you figured out that i am the next fucking Machiavelli. After fucking with me you think we will become friends? Are you completely fucking insane.

I do not forget and certainly do not forgive! I am not Jesus! You are completely fucking insane!

How dare you motherfuckers pretend like you are my teachers. You are nothing but the dirt underneath my feet. I completely hacked all of your shit and you think you are the winner. You are fucking insane!

The next ten years are already in motion and it’s not going to be any effort from my side. All pieces are in play and they love making a ruckus! You are royally fucked. The cops won’t touch me. The criminal elements think i am best at flying solo and you are toast. Why?! Because: YOU SERIOUSLY ARE INSANE!

I am going to have a wonderful career and lots of great colleagues and best of all brilliant employers. I will travel a lot and i will be hardly to not at all in the Netherlands. I’ll have a beautiful wife and brilliant kids. Who won’t live in the Netherlands (or colonies) and will be anything but Dutch.

You are insane!


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