i will hunt you down for what you did to me

The unimaginable dangers of psychiatric medicine and the DSM

Hello dear naïve people who think that there is some form of normal behaviour. You are probably one of those people that think ‘normal’ is a behaviour dictated by your upbringing. You have been subjugated to all kinds of philosophies during your childhood and have…

  • taken this in as unmovable truth…
  • or you started to think for yourself and doubted everything about it.

Are you the latter then you are on the right track. Philosophy dictates that you think about the information that is given to you… and not take it for what it is. So whoever judges a Walt Disney movie… or Barbie dolls… You are mistaken. It is not bad… The people don’t get what it represents.

You need to change your ideas of what is normal you are being used for unimaginable ugly behaviour by major medicine companies who use your deleted sense of what is normal to push their agenda. Sell drugs and get paid.

Don’t believe me… that’s okay stay naïve… We don’t need you!

Let’s start with the definition of normal. There is none! None at all! We are all different and have all kinds of different needs. Whether this is to believe that there are aliens (i personally do not) or you display self-destructive behaviour with means of drugs or alcohol. You might not like this world and think it’s full of shit and want to drown your sorrows. (i don’t have that problem)

According to psychiatrists you are insane! But then again would you believe your local dealer to diagnose you with a disease and then take heroin? Because he said so… No you wouldn’t. So here comes the scheme. We do believe the things the psychiatrist says because he has a little paper that gives him the right to judge you. Which is accordingly supported by the law.

Which can be very handy when you are a threat for politics or the justice system. You can be incarcerated and judged and then drugged like some kind of gimp into a mental state of non existence.

If to you all of this is something very hard to wrap your little brain around. Leave while you still have the chance. Go play with your dolls and or race-cars and float off to the world of fairy tales and make-believe.

In any controlled environment i will talk about my personal experiences with major drug companies trying to break me into little pieces and ridicule me in a very nasty fashion. They however failed. I am very normal you see. However they have put some very nasty people in my way. To play with me! Who have met me… and won’t talk about the consequences that arose from those encounters. They left me alone after that.

I myself have tested whether there was any ground of me being labeled insane… and i am not… i am however drugged with anti-psychotics for a period of a couple of years. In those years i was forced to smoke weed. Which is very nice. Weed you see nullifies the active substance of anti psychotics. So while one after the other of my fellow inhabitants of the project where i live in (who do have serious or mild psychological deceases) had some sort of psychotic break. Small or big. Due to smoking weed or other substances. I did not!

Healthy as a ox.

So you see there it is… the limbo of it all… There are people who have psychiatric needs. So the use of the medicine is easy to defend. However. The current and previous DSM even has diseases as ‘fear of math’ in which case you have this disease as a small child you are prescribed drugs for. So any child on this planet that doesn’t want to for math. Can be pumped full of expensive medicine and charged for those accordingly. You are a milk cow hooked up to a station and you don’t even know it to be there. Poor sucker.


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