You can sooooooooooo go fuck yourself

The next three years

The next three years are going to be amazing. Seeing i was a major benefactor of the Netherlands. I supplied them with so many concepts they are afloat the next couple of years. Did they deserve it! Well that’s only for them to procure!

I at least won’t have anything to do with the politics side of it at the rate it’s going now… All will be well… Unless the Dutch public is going to go ape-shit and vote randomly stupid.

In the meantime i will travel some odd weekend here and there on a non-existing budget to places all across Europe! Seeing Asia, Russia, Arabia, Africa and America (in that order) are out of the question due to financial shortage. The Dutch need to keep me small because they still have some kind of hope that i actually will stay… They can’t help it they are desperate!

The visits will be just to scout! Of course there are going to be elements that will try and fuck with us! That’s why it’s a scouting mission. So have your cameras ready to film the whole debacle. So that everyone can have a good laugh on the inter-webs. It’s goddamn hilarious!

So until then!


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