i will butt fuck you in front of your tortured wife and children

Just so you know… For future references

This is not for those who treat me with respect. This is for all those sad bunch of motherfuckers that keep fucking with my life as if they own it. You don’t. You low level pieces of shit need to know your place. Now! Get the fuck out of my way assholes.

I don’t know who you are but you are a bunch of sneaky motherfuckers that need to know some stuff. If you think i will listen to your dumb asses ever again. Because you seem to be so hanged up of making my life shitty! Here are some basic rules. That will keep you in the realm of basic respect.

  1. I will do as i please whenever as i please with whomever i please and there is nothing you can do about it. There are decent people out there that do treat me with respect.
  2. You will pay me accordingly and this will be a monthly fee and or a advisory-fee paired with a percentage of the profit.
  3. You know that i am nor will i ever be afraid of your sorry ass. You are a slimy backstabbing piece of garbage that couldn’t take me head on.
  4. I will forever stay independent seeing i don’t trust any of you so called bosses. You are not the boss of me nor will you ever be. For all i care you can be some low level street dealer! 
  5. If i start yelling at you than you deserved it seeing you treated me without any respect and you will take that verbal abuse. You are garbage!
  6. You will never ever judge me or how i carry myself. You couldn’t do what i do in your wildest dreams you are a goddamn pussy!
  7. If i contact you for work and you treat me with any disrespect or you say you don’t know who i am. I will share this to the world.
  8. I will not settle with any of the woman you put in front of me. I know what i like and your taste sucks. I like strong independent… There is that word again… Independent… Woman… And i will take my sweet time with it! So you dumb fucks can’t fuck with her. Ever!
  9. Hell would freeze over before i ever and i do mean ever do any business with the Dutch or within the Netherlands. You fucked that shit up all by yourself. Same goes for the woman. No way in hell!

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