Dumb ass Dutch fucks

Don’t be sore losers

You have used me for your personal gain! Now it’s my turn dear Dutch people the coming three years you will take my punches and fucking like it! You have been at it for way to long! Making me look like a fool! Using me as a grooming item for you rich and spoiled little brats!

As if assholes and utter fucking bitches!

My turn!

Take it! Take all of it! You deserve it and you know it and thats why you are going to take every fucking punch and you will fucking like it!

Goddamn fools!

Taking away seven years of my life and taking away my last straw of dignity and in the meantime trying to make me have all kinds of sexual encounters to fuck with me!

Now i have a high cholesterol and a back-pain that will never ever leave!

All in the so called bullshit excuse of making a point and teaching me a lesson and all that other crap just so you can sell all that shit as you please!

Is this the thanks i get for my generosity! How the fuck?! Are you even from this planet!


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