According to our traditions

Well the Dutch have been traders and travellers as far as we can remember. Ever since the 1500’s we have travelled the world and traded with many different countries. We have always tried to respect the other traditions and were always curious.

The other side of me is jewish… Or at least my side of the family was until the second world war happened.

Ever since the 1500’s they were prosecuted and travelled all over the globe to find a place to lay their head and in the meantime they were making trade all over the globe. They were exploited pretty much everywhere they went. So you can pretty much say they were nomadic by nature. Even where they were able to stay they paid a hefty price.

So yeah! Well the nomadic nature is in me! The idea of me staying in the Netherlands is as strange to me as anything. Settling down anywhere… Sure depends… If she can tame the beast!


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